Ridesurf launches on App Store & Google Play Store

Los Angeles, CA – Ridesurf has launched on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store. The 9-month-old startup launched a web application in February and has since been developing the 2 mobile apps, released July 22.

The app is a long-distance and event carpooling marketplace designed to easily and safely connect people looking to carpool longer distances (between cities) and to the same events (concerts, festivals, conferences, etc.). Drivers can post upcoming trips and sell the empty seats in their car at their own determined price. Riders can search and book any available rides. Both parties must review and approve one another before the journey.

Like Airbnb for seats in your car, you search for rides based on location, the ride price, the driver’s ratings, reviews and profile information (which includes a photo of the car and preferences like music and conversation), all of which cannot be altered and is verified for accuracy. The app also has a setting for women-only rides.

To free app is available to download now on the App Store and Google Play Store. Search for ‘Ridesurf’ or click the links below on a mobile device.

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