Ridesurf Launches on App Store & Google Play Store

Ridesurf, a long-distance and event carpooling app, has launched on the App Store and Google Play Store. The 10-month-old company is based in Los Angeles and launched a beta website in February.

Ridesurf is here

Ridesurf connects people traveling the same direction (i.e., San Francisco to Los Angeles) or to the same event (i.e., Coachella Music Festival) so they can travel together instead of alone, through a safe and easy-to-use app.

Anyone planning a long drive in advance (i.e., a college student driving home for summer break, a businessperson driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco for a meeting) can post their trip. Potential passengers can then request to book a seat on that trip. All travel companions must review and approve one another before the journey begins.

Like Airbnb for seats in a car, users can search for rides based on location and price, and view a driver’s ratings, reviews and verified car information. The application also has a setting for women-only rides, as well as multiple preference settings for pets, smoking, music, conversation and luggage.

Ridesurf’s web application can be found at https://ridesurf.io. Their mobile apps can be found by searching “Ridesurf” on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on any iOS or Android device, or by clicking the app store links below.

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